Why the page ends with string concatenation in php?

Warning: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable in /home/styllloz/public_html/qa-theme/donut-theme/qa-donut-layer.php on line 274
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Your server.
Red hat linux
php-fpm 5.6
in one of the classes occurs multiple concatenation.
cut off the conclusion just by the operators of concatenation.

I suspect that is simply not enough memory to the server, so it downloaded and on another machine working fine with the same dataset.

know that Bitrix is used a buffer before output, so tormented by the question "why stop text output to the page, but rather the line continues to not concatenate? the script continues to work, checked logging to file"

php-errors.log is empty in the ini is set to in phpinfo option visible to a given
the apache error_log is empty too
write in the log is
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Smoke logs

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