NET::ERR_CERT_REVOKED only on my Mac, what to do?

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Welcome! Recently encountered a very strange problem on my Mac and Iphone(Only on my devices, the rest are all working well).
The problem is that when you visit one of the resource I get the error NET::ERR_CERT_REVOKED and I can't access the website from their devices. Not only that I tried:
  • Changed different networks (wifi, 3g/4g)
  • Rechecked the time and date 20 times and disabled/enabled the automatic update of date
  • Contacted Apple tech support, but from them I got the same advice that he himself had experienced it
  • Add certificates to KeyChain and so on

What could it be? If it was a virus on my Mac, on the iPhone everything would work
Please tell me, what are the options diagnosis?

In all browsers the problem is the same
The picture, as I see it all
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2 Answers

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Re-issue of the certificate helped to solve the problem instantly
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Why did you decide that this is a problem and it is only on your devices? On my laptop (win10) same as above, the certificate is revoked. This is a problem for the site owner - I assume that they used a certificate that was issued by lost the trust of a certification authority. Or do their certificate revoked

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