Switching to Ubuntu a few questions?

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Hello. In connection with the production necessity, need to migrate to Linux. Have installed Ununtu 18.04. But as it is now lacking some tools and functionality.
1) Need an analogue Total Commander ( like MC console does not impress me, as Far on Windows), you need something graphical
2) Program for screenshots, like LightShot or ScreenPresso( this I Polous, very convenient). How would naguglil console, but then it is not clear how to me there to make for example a screenshot of the contextual menu or a drop-down list until you switch to the console, you will have nothing to screenshot. Still it would be nice if you can edit the screenshot, ie obrezati and overlay text.
3) Made of hibernation for the user, but now it is not clear how the laptop switched to this mode, the button hibernate is not present, when you turn off the software or when you press the off button on the laptop, for some reason just turns off and when you turn on nothing happens. Maybe it's the fact that I didn't create swap file, because the new Ubuntu does not need it, or what?
Thank you all.
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Do you have any specific requirements for the program for screenshots ?
In Ubuntu it should work with Shift+PrtScr
Still there
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I would suggest to put linux mint he left on Ubuntu, for example hibernate there quite a work out of the box (don't know why it doesn't work in Ubuntu, weird)

1. there are plenty of alternatives, such as double commander, in mint even Nautilus can do side-by-side)
2. the only normal under Linux it joxi
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1. For DE selected if it is gnome or KDE - I'm sure there stopitsot commanders. But as rightly remarked Viktor Taran - if you plan to "they lived happily ever after" will have to learn the console and most certainly - mc. Because in Linux DE is it DE and not something seablue, without which it is impossible to solve common admin tasks. The administrator in Linux does not require graphics. The word really.
2. I use TDE, so the screens are removed using KScreenShot, and edit them using KPaint.
3. Don't know, my laptop
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1. Get used to MS otnyut not all there in the Linux in graphical form, and the fact that there is a complete schedule H. Because nobody in Linux is not needed, the more you use the console the faster you will become linuksoidam.
2. A standard screenshot in the system much more rich than Windows, than it does not suit you ?
3. laptop there so will not say anything, but before it was a problem, but as far as I know in the latest Ubuntu, this problem is solved.
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try one of these options:
1) Krusader
2) gnome-screenshot
3) hibernate
maybe something like
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On the first point - Caja in MATE desktop environment able to work with many tabs (can be installed as an extra. DE or use the ready build Ubuntu MATE). But the knowledge of bearded console utilities has not been canceled :-D>

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