MySQL vs Percona vs MariaDB for online store?

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We need to develop an online store from scratch (now is selected and discussed on stack which will be developed). In functionality at the moment is just the Internet shop in which you will:
1. A bunch of text pages
2. Product catalog divided by categories
3. System of various discounts
4. Basket
5. Products rating, reviews and specs (previously stored in the EAV model)
6. Filter products by price, characteristics, etc.

That it will continue to be refined - not yet known.
Loading of the project will be roughly average. Number of products on average (for the General understanding of the amount of data stored): 200 000- 300 000. You also need to provide for the possibility of further scale-out system.

Actually wondered, what kind of DBMS from MySQL collection (it is essential) it is better to use? Share your experience how it makes sense to use is MySQL - Percona/MariaDB and what profit in the future from this you can get?
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Bukh portal. 200K+ hits/day, are mailing to 100K+ followers/day, or a few smaller ones.
their iron. for a database dedicated virtual server, 4CPU, 40Gb RAM. The shared disc array raid10
mariadb (innodb, aria).

DB likes to eat memory, you need to give a lot
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I think that you should rely on Oracle, MySQL + InnoDB (Barracuda file format). You need to tune the performance of MySQL based on the profile of the application.

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