Why is not downloading Skype?

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Reset the system, according to the setting up regularly, without fail, got all the updates, not downloading Skype from the official page https://www.skype.com/ru/get-skype/ why?

Windows 7 64-bit license. Tried to download in different browsers, disabled firewall and antivirus, no page response or exceeded expectation.
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2 Answers

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1 - blokirovka ILV? please contact the support provider for clarification. personally, I have all opened and downloaded

2 - upd - the second part removed, as it was written inadvertently, Sori
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Download elsewhere offline installer and bring on flash drive on this comp.

Skype is a mysterious program that lives its own mysterious life.
Quite often fails for unknown reasons.
It happens that some versions are not downloaded.

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