Need to fix PHP code, How to make filter drop-down list?

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Please help to finish the code:
There are 2 drop-down list according to the principle:
In the first DROPDOWN "МЕНЮ1" choose "WHAT to SEND"
In the second drop-down "МЕНЮ2" choose "WHAT to"

For example there is a list of 10 items at the moment, the FULL list appears in меню1 and меню2, you need to make sure that for example if I choose меню1 наименование3 - in меню2 appeared only наименование5, наименование6, наименование7 - toist NOT the ENTIRE LIST OF 10 items but only those that I specify. What you need to do?



I will be very grateful for the help!!!
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1 Answer

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I know you don't know how to select multiple values from select2?
If I understand correctly.

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