Windows 10 Hyper-V. this system is not designed to manage processor resources — how to enable?

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we are talking about the tab control processor resources - minimum % reserve for the virtual machines and the maximum % for a virtual machine image_thumb_61B64374.png

on the same computer - 8.*/2008/2012/2016 - all are regulated, and like with the first versions 10, this problem was not there... a year (or more) dabbled with VMWare/VirtualBox (and with Linux)... and when you try to return to the native land got such a bummer

is there a solution? (screen is not mine, is forced now to use VirtualBox. and when you install Hyper - near the needed parameters are the yellow triangles and the message delivered in subj)

ps reasons - Hyper-V easily gives physical disk virtual reality, and the only hypervisor (at least available for the desktop) with dynamic memory allocation

pps on set of tasks, a host can be only Windows, and only 10... but there are always tasks that need virtuali

p. p. p. S. clarification - apparently, the changes occurred since 1709, by the fact that in 1607 there was no problem (I actively enjoyed it Hyper-V) but the rollback is not satisfied, it is easier to accept failure VMWare/VirtualBox to work directly with a physical disk
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Have restrait, the screens with a computer which uses Hyper-VI:
Unfortunately the problem can not say anything.

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