Error when creating a shared folder in Kali Linux on VBox. What to do?

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Good day!
When mounting a disk image the system cannot find the device - see the screenshot.
What can I do?
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1 - like as it is written - "no such device"

2 - mounting optional, and root access and do not need

3 - to get started just locate a real way, and it's easier to gueva file Manager or mc (which is in Cali by the way by default ustanovlen)

an example of the path that is Ubuntu - /media/sf_<the resource name specified in the parameters of the new path>

in the mc root access just go to the folder and see there.. in my case Public host
I have configured full access - can cheerfully ready to copy back/forward without any montov

after finding out the right way - and you mount, then you will only have to understand why? and to deal with the command syntax (to help Google)

ps .. and sudo root access don't really need

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