How best to implement cards?

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Hi, I am interested not as a coder,

we need to implement 1 unit with cards. There are 5-8 items that need to be done in the form of a slider:

With a smartphone and a tablet all clear. But what if it becomes such as 10, 18 or 30? In this case, they should look on a PC?

Are there any solutions except for the thread as I am in Yandex pictures?


In what could become a long slider on the PC? This conditional would be something like this? Example:


It would make sense for this block, taking into account that cards has become more from 5 to 9, to do so? Example, from KULTURWERK, slider attached to the left edge:


I will be glad to absorb any useful info on the cards, the slider, and typical problems.
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I would have left in one line (would have left also with the slider) and probably would make them horizontal if the width of the browser window exceed 1200px.
I.e., the light part with the yellow button would be placed on the right.
It would get rid of the "palisade" and "blur" attention from the simultaneous display of a large number of cards.
At the same time, it would have reduced the height of the slider 2 times, which would allow more to see what is below on the page without scrolling.
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Incorrect from download 30 cards that will be in the slider, and too large to scroll, no one will scroll until the 30th card in the slider, where only 5 items visible initially.

A few options:

1. The button "show more" - when pressing, smooth animation will appear 6 cards. Then on the PC do not need to implement a slider.

2. The button "show all", which leads to a complete list of all cards.
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display: flex
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I hate horizontal scrolling on a desktop. I absolutely not difficult to twist the wheel down, but in the side - nafig it is necessary.
I for no slider on the desktop.

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