How to add part of one PHP page to another?

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Hi all.
There is a file index.php which through API retrieves the data and formed into a table and displayed. Is new.php to which you want to insert the table.
Prompt, please, as these things can be implemented.
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Isolate the table in a separate file / class / function.

For example:
Let it be a function, the output of which is html ready table. File getDataFromAPI.php contains the function getDataFromAPI().

And index.php and new.php include the file:
Get the html table and insert in the document:
<?php\r$table_html = getDataFromAPI();\recho $table_html;\r?>

More used to cache, probably a good thing.
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In the right place of the file new.php:

include 'index.php';
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in new.php:
include "index.php"; // if the page doesn't necessarily need a table, on error, gives a warning, but the script continues execution include_once "index.php"; // same as include, only the withdrawal is possible one time, will continue to pop up. require "index.php"; // if the page needs the table require_once "index.php"; // same as require, the only conclusion possible once. Further, if there is an error, the script will completely stop their work.
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