When reloading the page the animation change fps, what could be the reason?

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There are two pages, such as index and about. The "about" page there's this animation: https://codesandbox.io/s/kwz622xvx7
The problem is the following: at the local version, if you go back to about page on the index, and then back to about the fps of the animation is reduced each time.
When I went to the about page - 5aeb3e072484f169643841.png
Then switched to index - 5aeb3e13ca6d3106200396.png
Then returned to about - 5aeb3e1d4c041878436774.png
Can't understand why this is happening. Project Vue
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I believe many times you inicializirati one and the same animations. We have to stop them before switching to another page. Because you have the same window is not updated.

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