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How to deal with Bezier curves (query-bacon)?

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Objective: to make the text flow round, Vokrug pictures.
The CSS solution is not suitable, because (4 years...) only works in firefox with enabled flag (=does not work for 99% of users of Fox). Found a plugin called jquery baconthat performs the same task and it oddly works. Managed by a bézier curve.
Here is an example of a strange plugin work.
Curve text wrap does not match the specified. This is the part where the relative values of the specified curve.
'c1' : { x: (left.width()*0.48), y: 0}, 'c2' : { x: (left.width()*0.48), y: 0}, 'c3' : { x: (left.width()*0.48), y: (left.height()*0.2)}, 'c4' : { x: (left.width()*0.15), y: (left.height()*0.4)},

I expected it to be something like that. Perhaps I don't understand curves? Or is it a bug of the plugin? Or is there some normal way to do this using css or svg?
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So it turns out more like a demand, if the radius of the circle does not any make sense to play the x values in c2 and c3.
'c1' : { x: left.width()*0.48, y: 0}, 'c2' : { x: left.width()*0.4, y: left.height()*0.2}, 'c3' : { x: left.width()*0.58, y: left.height()*0.5}, 'c4' : { x: 0, y: left.height()},

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