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To be configured first and foremost for a secure Windows Server?

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In a Windows Server 2016 Standard - a clean installation on KVM host.
The server will have located some windows-only software for development, and it will serve Windows machines for anything that for various reasons cannot move (or find equivalent) on Linux.
The server is connected to a network where all the other participants - Linux devices, i.e. the need for Active Directory no.

That you want to configure in the first place, to feel at ease to release the server to the network and to allow users to connect via RDP (3-5 max)?
Previously with Windows Server not encountered in the setting, as developed under *nix.
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3 Answers

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Terminal server licenses already bought?
By default, the server allows only two simultaneous RDP connections.
If you need more concurrent connections then you need a license (RDS CAL).

Installation and license server activation RDS in Windows Server 2016
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Strange that nobody mentioned srp (Software Restriction Policies). IMHO this is the first thing to do if the server will users and third-party programs. And even if they are not.
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