Is there a ready solution (library, SDK, a web service, it is possible paid) which is really to be able to paraphrase the English. text?

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The text on the subject of programming. The answers on the forums. Without a code.
Need to parse and paraphrase so that it is more difficult to distinguish, but at the same time it wasn't gibberish.

(That is just gibberish - well, that in those the sinonimayzerthat I have ever seen - when "At first, press any key" is replaced by "At basic, impel whatever crucial". The meaning is lost, and the author's punctuation is not changed. While a more correct version would sound like "firstly enter any key" that changes only the punctuation and some words may make the text is not quite correct, but retains the meaning.)

NO, not for the search engines (not to create a copy of the forum).

Programming language, platform the SDK is irrelevant.
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May be stupid, but you can make a list of interchangeable words, phrases, expressions, and change them together. Sometimes the meaning will change, of course. Besides, it is necessary to understand that the vast majority do not bother with punctuation and missing letters only in this way, not to mention the correct spelling and command of the language.
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Your option firstly I am in my life have never met, it makes you wonder what you'll have to write your solution
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