How to connect the payments on the website through Yandex for a physical person?

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Have not yet figured out how to tie the receipt of payments on the website for individuals.

Need just button users to GET or POST the transition to the Yandex website where the user would have already paid, or Yandex money or Bank card. And then pay again to was redirect to my website.

That is, PayPal and from the point of view of technical implementation - PayPal Standard button/Checkout. And UX, too.

1) How to do it? I'm confused in the documentation and what I generally need.

2) maybe I don't need a button, and API?

3) How to do it *first* using the sandbox?

4) As I understand, the Yandex.Cash I need as it is for IP and Jur. individuals?
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Physical-the person may not receive payments.
Under the new law, for taking payments online, you must have at least the online checkout.
Well here is all very clearly written and drawn.
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Oh, why not, everything is possible.

You don't need Ya cash, Ya not a payment system, not Ya something-there-yet, and here it is:

Everything happens so: sent GET request with the amount, wallet of recipient, method of payment (Bank. card, J. D), the amount ID of the order and other things. In the end, the user gets to the payment page card with a minimum of fields: card number, CVC, name, everything.
The user enters the card data, confirms 3DS second, the money immediately fell on the wallet of the seller, and the user will redirected on successURL specified in advance.

Any legal entities, individual entrepreneurs or paper contracts. There is no obtrusiveness on the part of Yandex, and he could, for example, instead of the payment card to force the user to have a wallet in me.d, to replenish and to pay. No, no nothing, even the account of the Yandex do not have to have the purchaser.

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