2 WAN, 1 LAN division and switch Mikrotik?

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Hello! Already had a similar question but my situation is slightly different, and, to be honest, blunt, how to proceed in your case. So, this:
Ether1 - Internet1
Ether2 - Internet2
Erther3-6 - Pul devices1
Ether7-10 - pool устройств2
All devices in the same subnet
You need to make pool devices1 went through the first provider, pool устройств2 through the second. Falls off if one of the providers, should automatically switch to another. How to implement it?
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1 Answer

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One of the simplest options
1) Mark packages for pool 1 and пула2
2) Assign a distance for routes. The priority set for the labeled traffic in accordance with Your wishes.
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