What is the method of Back Projection?

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Not sure what makes the method of BackProjection.
Read the documentation of OpenCV: back projection is a way of recording how well the pixels of a given image fit the distribution of pixels in a histogram model.
It is clear that the pixels of the specified images are compared with the distribution in the histogram. But what about the histogram is it?
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Short read (not looking thoroughly). Here's what I think: to allocate a region with the desired color. (there is an example of a football player, stands a rectangle of green grass, the result will be highlighted in all green color).
Solved: moving from RGB model to HSV. In the first model the intensity depends on three parameters, two-dimensional picture so hard to build. Often RGB is converted into the gray levels. At HSV you could take one coordinate of the hue (hue), but for two-dimensional pictures added saturation (saturation).
In Matlab there is an example of the transition of RGB -> Lab, where the color is the two coordinates (a, b).

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