How to remove Yandex search pages which I don't belong?

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How to remove pages from search if there is content belonging to me and I have documentary proof. Does Yandex such links from search without a court order? And if You do remove content what is your course of action?

I found this information...
The question is not removed in the hope that maybe someone will deny and tell you a way to carry out his ideas.

Thank you all for your time.
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Only complaint in Yandex that the content is yours.
You can still write to the owner of the website. The owner can bind the host. But in most cases the owner will not go on contact.
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> Does Yandex such links from search without a court order?

Good for should not. Yandex in Russia, where nothing of this coerce.

But in some countries more severe, in the U.S., for example, forced. So Google, for example, removes. And all without a twinge of conscience. Widely known story, when I deleted a bunch of links to free программы1 because their name partially coincided with the writings of one porno Studio. Well, the robot letters sent out, and he's porn from the program is no different. :-)

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