It is safe to work under the Administrator account?

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Is it safe to go about their daily business — office, surfing and everything else under the administrator account in Windows 10 with UAC enabled?

As I understand it, with running UAC the administrator account is no different from a standard account user?
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There is one caveat: there is an Administrator account on the desktop Windose is disabled by default. That's it, everything is always run with highest privileges (it's like root in Linux).
And there is a user administrator is a user who has the ability to do something with administrator rights, but have to explicitly specify the action you want to perform with elevated privileges. To do this, UAC and invented.

And we should always remember that the main cause of computer problems lies between the computer and the chair.
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Not safe. For a standard user, UAC prompts for elevation, and administrator for these privileges and so it is.
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