Like randomly generate the record ID in the database?

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I have a table, it has a field ID with auto-increment.
But task is already a friend when adding a new record to this table you need instead of autoincrement to generate 6-digit random number. Need advice with the correct implementation of such tasks.
Thank you.
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Use UUID (approx. 6ccd780c-baba-1026-9564-5b8c656024db) or UUID_SHORT (approx. 92395783831158784)
But as said earlier, shestiznak, is very small.

For postgresql there are others great features.
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6-digit random number in a primary key? This is only enough for a small table.

If satisfied, then do not use PHP rand(), its results are insufficiently random, and replays will start faster, use random_int().

For a truly random key id with high capacity use UUID
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PHP - rand() and the SQL RAND()

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