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Something clicked and broke everything?

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Good day!

Tried to upgrade PHP version on the Mac, but now actually surprised that he(Mack) is still working..

Been installed php version "5.6.30"
But heck to install 7.1

After a short search found an article which had the following line:
curl -s | bash -s 7.1

But then Mack began to swear:
Detected macOS Sierra 10.12. All ok. Get packager.tgz Unpack packager.tgz Please type in your password, as we want to install this into /usr/local Password: tar: Error opening archive: Failed to open '/tmp/packager.tgz' Start packager (may take some time) using /usr/bin/python2.7 /System/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.7/Resources/ can't open file '/usr/local/packager/': [Errno 2] No such file or directory Finished.

And in the same article it was said "if not working, try this"(well, I tried this in the terminal (now I realized that it had to be done in .bashsrc)):
export PATH=”$(brew — prefix homebrew/php/php71)/bin:$PATH”

Mac gave me (I think it's because of word processing and there was supposed to be 2 dash):
Error: Unknown command: —

In General, then stopped working completely all..
-bash: brew: command not found -bash: php: command not found -bash: curl: command not found

As I understand it there rubbed the path to it (the Executive files?)
Now I don't know how to fix it..

Help pliz, and I'm afraid now it even shut down..
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1 Answer

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about this php-shnogo of the installer I won't tell you
but what happened next you probably broke the PATH environment variable which is a list of ways in which bash will try to find executable files
if no commands are working - this means that the paths are not in PATH variable
that is, most likely you've overwritten something weird

to check the contents of this variable so
echo $PATH

poidee you can open another terminal there and do echo $PATH and compare the results
I think they will be different

how to fix? two options
1) first, close the terminal, and all
the changes you made to exist only in the terminal session
in the new terminal everything starts from the beginning
2) copy the PATH from the second terminal, and make the first
export PATH=<all the way>
after that everything should return to normal

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