Where to tweak the language of the topic pages and entries?

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Tell me where in the theme or in the code itself to correct all the texts (titles

pages mostly), so they were in Russian and not in English?
Here is an example of such a page: autolines.com.ua/portfolio/nissan-leaf/

And in the console itself points in English and they are also displayed on the page

site in English how to fix this?
I've marked:

Thank you!
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Download the plugin Loco Translate
or program https://poedit.net/
If you translate a program, find a pot or po file in the theme folder... open it, translated into Russian and save. The output will get 2 files po & mo. Upload them to a folder. Attention. the file name plays a role. See texdomain. Should be something like en_us.po or nazvaniyami-en_us.po
The files are usually in the folder languages || lang.
PS is such that all strings are prepared for translation, or even the whole theme is not localized, then edit the code directly (though this is a bad way) or create a doch. theme and templates wrap the code in the correct PHP code for localization, create yourself a pot file and translate.

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