Your label is where the error crept in?

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Created a shortcut for phpStorm in Ubuntu 16.04, but start does not work - gives an error "an error Occurred while starting the application"

The contents of the label:

[Desktop Entry] Name=phpStorm Comment=phpStorm GenericName=phpStorm Keywords=phpStorm Exec=/opt/phpstorm/ Terminal=false Type=Application Icon=/opt/phpstorm/bin/phpstorm.png Categories= Path=/usr/local/bin/phpstorm NoDiplay=false

Can anyone point out the mistake? Did the example with

phpStorm is in /opt/phpstorm/
FAI executable: /usr/local/bin/phpstorm

Update: the correct option was this:

[Desktop Entry] Version=1.0 Type=Application Name=phpStorm Exec=/opt/phpstorm/bin/ %f Icon=/opt/phpstorm/bin/phpstorm.png Comment=Develop with pleasure! Categories=Development;IDE; Terminal=false StartupNotify=true StartupWMClass=jetbrains-phpstorm Name[EN]=phpStorm

But there was another problem - when running, it displays the normal icon "picture", and after download phpStrom - the picture flies:


Does anyone know why?
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2 Answers

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For this reason, the developers have implemented such a menu item in the settings
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> phpStorm is in /opt/phpstorm/
> FAI executable: /usr/local/bin/phpstorm

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