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How to configure multipath in Astra Linux?

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There is a group of cars led by Server + storage system. All installed Astra Linux. Properly raised domain ALD and shared storage Samba. Storage connected to the server via two SAS. The problem occurs when you use multipath. Both SAS are named sda and sdc. When you start the multipath service (server restart, since restarting the service does nothing) it becomes impossible to mount the storage to a directory for distribution, because it does not allow multipath service. You must achieve the following:
-Storage connected to the Server via two SAS to improve the transfer speed, and resiliency;
-When using multipath it is possible to mount the storage to the desired directory.
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After starting the multipath daemon you have created a new device that mpatha (e.g., just - in configuration). And now you have to forget about sda and sdb, and mount this new device.

In General, the multipath configuration does not depend on distribution docks in Google full

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