How to migrate a virtual machine with virtualbox one PC to another?

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Good day!

There is a need to migrate a virtual machine from one PC to another.

My solution is as follows:

  1. On PC1 doing a clone of the virtual machine on external HDD.
  2. Connect an external HDD to PC2.
  3. On PC2 run virtualbox, then Machine -> Add -> Choose a virtual machine on an attached HDD.
  4. Next, make a clone of this machine with an external HDD already on the HDD PC2.

If this is the correct method? OS: Linux.
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2 Answers

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It's just one file, it is made to be transported and distributed in this form, and worked anywhere.

If this is the correct method?

USB flash drive, file sharing, though in the mail.
Then suddenly, the idea that something can go wrong?
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  • To export the virtual machine configuration
  • To release the virtual machine's disks
  • To copy to an external disk file export a configuration and its virtual disks

On another computer:
  • Copy all the files to the hard disk
  • To import the configuration
  • To connect virtual disks

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