Where to start in IT back in 27 years for girls?

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Hello! I warn you that my questions may seem rather stupid, but still.
I'm 27 years old, I work in procurement for more than 5 years, but the last six months we have a young man often wonder about the possibility of migration in Europe (on the change of activity I in principle have been conceived). Legally it is possible to make several variations, the most accessible for us to find work. He works in the field of art, so the legal work to him is difficult, and has a great remote and my research quickly led to a demand in the IT sector, which, except in the banal Institute of Informatics, I have not encountered. In principle, I finished a technical College, and I think I can learn something from IT , but the question is "where to start?" Should I go to College or finish the course? If so, what?
Are there any good basic courses that will help you to choose the direction and give understanding?
Well, in General: how real is the idea? Do those who started very young, and was able to leave?
It is obvious that even after receiving understanding and education, I will need to find a job: if the problem is that I'm a girl? Not in the age of 20-22 years?

Of course, in my plan we are not talking about one or two years, and probably not even five.
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If you write "for girls," you mean that you are not equal? Themselves want to lower the bar of difficulty?

Well then:
1. The gym.
2. Beauty salon
3. Fashion store
And you go, to seduce the head of it enterprise.

If you still want the head and not the sexual organ to make a career, that is exactly the same as for men.

The UNIVERSITY is not needed.
Universities teach more basic things. In order to start making in it is not necessary.
The course usually anything to it do not teach, but at least the introductory give.

You should pay attention, now a huge number of people willing to "enter into it", all I've heard about the salaries because competition among novice great and good work is not easy to get.

Among the highly skilled, the situation is reversed. Customers looking for worthwhile specialist, overturning mountains of slag.

To become a qualified specialist.
To not lose interest - you need to do what is interesting to you.

Conclusion: if you want to make in it, find what you like.

The main areas of programming for which many proposals:
the frontend web server (program appearance), backend web servers, mobile applications (Android, Apple coral).

There you can try to get in there and courses on these technologies is full.
Other more exotic destinations, the job offers less.

If there is a goal as quickly as possible: I would suggest the front end.
There is a complex frontend.

But the bottom bracket is quite low.
There is even programming need to know.

Another option - why a lot of girls in the test.
But it is also the programming elements.

And the third option - Laba sites on CMS Wordpress.
Offers a lot. But it's more of freelancing, there is hardly such work at the firm in order to get a work visa
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Teach both English
You need a Nativ

And go to sales in an international company
The fact that you sunk hype = that there is nothing to catch
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Start with testing. In the work of the tester-deautomatization nothing but having common sense is required.
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Try to start with developing web interfaces. The demand for this profession is large and growing. Higher education there is no need in principle. You can even start from scratch, but with a technical background better.

As guidance can parohodiki courses htmlacademy.ru. Courses are practical and good because the code you write will start immediately.

Sit for a week or two free courses, and during this time you will understand: it is your or your. Be sure to look not only on HTML and CSS, but JavaScript (introductory course there too). Because JS is also required to Pontedera.
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