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They often notice warning about the use of cookies by visiting website. Well, why not to warn that the website is written using HTML? or Attention you on the Internet!
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legislatures in some countries are obliged to warn the user in case if you are going to save in cookies. Otherwise, it is regarded as a violation of privacy and covert use of users ' personal data for their own purposes.
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First true Europe-only, so you personally care to be.
Secondly since when zakonodateli needs to understand that it's pointless? Or just think we are sitting block telegram?

Here's recently adopted GDPR, editing seems to the same law about cookies. And all services showered with letters update privacy policy. Has something changed? No, just edit your "contract".
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It is necessary, probably, to answer the *given* the question, too.

> Often notice warning about the use of cookies by visiting website. Well, why not to warn that the website is written using HTML?

Potomu that the use cook the essence of the use *your* machine to *their* needs. To store some information about you, to it later to pick up from there.

Why so crooked done — with various Ob phenomena at each site that nobody reads? Well, the same legislators!

We had good, of course, has no obligation, to impute (that would be a violation of user's freedom), but simply to push (via an ad campaign or something like that) the developers of the main browsers and mass users one to realize the opportunity to really *control* that is saved on your machine; the second is to begin to use it.

HTML, no hidden surprises, like not imply.

Why not warn that now almost every page on the Web is now definitely wants to fulfill you in the real browser *program* that not only that most *proprietary*, and are set and updated against your will — that's a very good question.

I hope that sooner or later will start with this to do something, and then have a separate page which is nothing but text in fact there is, even just to read it proprietarily.
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Now this is a must for those who use cookies for their own purposes. No matter how.
Valid from 1 July 2017. There are checks, there are precedents.


You will be required to make a die button consent and a link to the document. A typical document looks something like this.
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