In ISC DHCPd to give the same IP to two mac addresses?

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Good day!
There is ISC DHCPd version 4.2.2 on Debian.

There is one Ethernet network and the wi-fi router, where the cable lay, wi-fi is a bridge to Ethernet.

The DHCP server is well aware of the IP through the cable in the air.
But there was a problem, there is a laptop that you want when it is not running on cable, and comes in wi-fi zone to give the same IP as the cable. It is logical that the Mac addresses on the map and wi-fi are different. And routing, and access tied to IP.

Reading the documentation for ISC DHCPd as I understand it, cannot be granted on two mac, one IP, or is it the same as you?

Tried to thread the needle, and to indicate in the configuration file to specify a different "host" but then the address in General is not given.

# CHEF-BOOK host CHEF-BOOK { hardware ethernet 00:75:A3:25:4F:A9; fixed-address; } # CHEF-BOOK-wire host CHEF-BOOK-wire { hardware ethernet 15:a2:e7:33:56:ab; fixed-address; }
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And why twice in a row written fixed-address? To totally fix?
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And routing, and access tied to IP

Hmm... Maybe it's called static address and don't need any DHCP server. Yes, no, nonsense. It's better to fix the dynamic distribution on one IP.

Okay, seriously, just rasarite its on subnet.
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Hmm... Why not just give the same permissions and access for another IP?
Just think what will happen if you connect a wire and Wi-Fi simultaneously?
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