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Good time of day!
Write the functionality. You need to check:
  • signed up if the person on public VK
  • signed by Lee on Twitter
  • signed by Lee on the Facebook page
  • subscribe the channel telegram
  • and a couple of services

Is there a ready solution, the type of "Social lock"?
Or still have to write a check under each action with a separate API
Maybe the parsers are any there to check?

Thank you.
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1 Answer

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In the real world, these social castles track not more than just click the button.
Because in fact, to really check the subscription you can not only everywhere(apicheck stupid there are no such), there is little you can do it.

And where you can check first on the website have authorization through the social network. I.e. In the case of several social networks necessary to drive the user to log in to EACH then to be able to check his podpisannoe. (I mean on the website to login via social. network, actually this possibility is not everywhere)

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