Dull monitor, where to dig?

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All kind time of day! Already all head broke, I can not understand why.
Recently began to notice that the screen was less bright and less saturated, vplot to the fact that when you sit and something to read or a long time, starting to hurt my eyes. The problem is that I can't understand what the problem is in the monitor or the graphics card. I noticed that if you sit long then the monitor starts to show a more dim, you can pull the dvi and plug it back in, then brightness becomes more or less. The very much significantly it is white, it becomes white, and yellow priestly. Graphics card purchased a year ago nv 1050 ti. The monitor has only 2 dvi Vga video card hdmi, dvi, display port. Tried to connect via hdmi but with an adapter on dvi to Monica, after some time again dim screen. Prompt where to dig?
While there are several ideas, video card, myself, Monique, and of the voltage
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Not just voltage, and the voltage which adapter is holding under load, and sometimes it is not enough, the backlight becomes dim and not uniform, although all other electronics works fine...
...monitor of any need to disassemble and poke a Testor
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In General! I dug up the problem, or rather understand where the Shoe pinches.
What did ( if someone need )
  • Bought an adapter HDMI -> DVI-D ( no use )
  • Stuck in the built-in none via DVI-D and VGA ( no use )
  • Put another vidyuhi GT9500 via VGA ( no use )
  • Stuck a different monitor cable ( Brightness on another display is much better )
Conclusion: the Problem is the screen will go to repair and see what will be offered.

Thank you all for the help!

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