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Connect max485 to Arduino?

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Connect the hall sensor to the Arduino and want to communicate with computer via RS485, the question arose of a connection DE and RE example of a wiring diagram painted if that is not right also immediately kick5aecaec53de3c180518932.jpeg
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Most likely, you will use the hardware USART. So, legs DI and RO must be connected to TX and RX respectively. In the picture you are confused - fix. Legs DE/RE in charge of choosing the direction of flow, 1=transmitting, 0=receiving. Since ATmega have no USART hardware flow control, then the leg will have to pull in software. Safely hang DE/RE on any free output, more convenient. In the beginning of the transfer we will need to raise the output to 1, and after the transfer (USART Tx Complete interrupt) is reset to 0
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