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Is it possible to hack archives ".rar", ".zip" with a password?

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Want to save files on a Flash drive and to protect them in case of loss of flash, I give them the passwords

Is it safe to put the password through archive formats rar, zip? Password there is a complex
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Safe rule about the elusive Joe. Most likely you, the contents of your flash drive and your files are useless.
If your flash drive you will find a casual passer-by, he is 50% likely to be unable to crack, with a 50% probability he will be interested in. The remaining 25%, which is close to the Pareto principal (80/20, where 80% of the hacking is just not needed).
If your archives will be referred to as something neutral, not "Passwords from my accounts банке.zip" and the contents of the archives is hidden, in principle, safe.

The password must be not only complex, but long since bruteforcer for archives freely lie on the network.
But answering the question directly: Yes, it is possible to hack, because all archivers fragile to brute force.
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Password .zip is taken by the attacker independently of the length and complexity of the password - there is a fatal error. Password .rar you can bet if it will be long and complex. However, if the children stop calling archive "fotkimap podrugami" - the availability of a powerful computer and time - you can put Brutus.

It is best to use normal encryption - the same as used kriptologii :) There is such a program AxCrypt, which can encrypt the modern ciphers, Philo. But the truth is, if the password is forgotten - all, Ala ulyu.
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Hack archives is not difficult.

Use bitlocker. I think this will be enough in your case

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