Links between databases are not implemented for postgresql?

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There is a table artist and user_artist
artist: - id (PK) - name user_artist: - id (PK) - userId(FK) - artistId(FK) - added

The following query returns an error
links between databases are not implemented: user_artist.added

return db.query(` SELECT AS "artistName", AS "artistId", user_artist.added FROM user_artist INNER JOIN artist ON = user_artist."artistId" WHERE user_artist."userId" = $(userId) AND user_artist.added::timestamp < to_timestamp($(index) / 1000) ORDER BY user_artist.added $(order) LIMIT $(limit);`, obj);

If you remove the ORDER BY user_artist.added $(order) then the error disappears.
Here the exact structure of the table user_artist
create table user_artist ( "id" serial primary key, "userId" serial REFERENCES user (id) on delete cascade, "artistId" serial REFERENCES artist (id) on delete cascade, the "added" timestamp, unique ("userId", "artistId") );

What's wrong?
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Links between different databases do not have to be implemented.
Therefore the parser believes that you are in a single request applying to different bases. Show the query you are sending to the database, but not how the query is built.

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