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Is it worth "powder and shot" when creating such pages, what difficulties may arise, how to implement?

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The website dedicated to the organization, which needs only in the news feed with the facebook and video tape youtube channel.
Actually, question is:
1) How to embed the tape (iframe/api) youtube channel
2) How to embed the tape (iframe/api) with feed facebook community
3) What are the pitfalls?
4) Why is your negative truereality?
Please do not judge strictly - Saito structure and webdezine almost a complete zero. On the choose a strategy - landing page with feed'AMI feeds from social networks. The organization has implemented a Joomla website, but there is UX implemented just awful. I want to achieve accessibility content in the 0-transitions and with low latency from the host through the placement of content in social networks.
You may ask: why would the site, if you need the tapes of the news:
1E - not the entire audience of the resource registered on facebook (not everyone has the desire)
2E - not the entire audience of the resource knows what youtube is and why you need it (as if it is not preskorbno sound)
3E - aggregation of all content on one page
Over adaptiva page is not yet thought but I think that will solve like this resource
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1) yuotube Embed a playlist
(Not tried but should work)
Unfortunately, this method places 1 iframe with the playlist without scrolling, but hides the playlist for the menu button :(. Is there a way to mark a playlist with scrolling?
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