Guys, do you have in mind a couple of applications with a large number of bugs for testing?

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I want to learn how to test application under Android, chromojet suggest for a beginner?
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Understand one simple thing - application errors nobody does specifically.
Select the area that you are interested in and look for mistakes in applications from this region.
One of my good friend thus checked almost all known applications for online banking and the results of such research has almost found a job.
Also I want to point out that testing of other applications can be interpreted in different ways, so try to soften the first contact between you and the owners of the application, if you find any problems and bugs in it.
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Oh, look Yousician please, I'm tired pounds they bugs send.
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If you want to do manual testing:
1. Go to github looking for some more or less large application for andoid
2. Understand how github works / Assembly applications
3. Write a letter to the developer that you are ready to test the app for free and for the experience.
4. Choose testing tools, where you will fight logs and write test cases
5. Start writing test cases and do other tedious document work (only English, forget Russian)
For a month or two you get enough experience for a job.

Search the app in Google Play there is no need. All normal - enough optimized and tested not once, not twice

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