How to calculate the different number of blocks with the same classes?

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Hello! Friends, asking for help, did not get to implement his plan.
Here is a simple example:

Initially the blocks are not. There is a button which when pressed creates a block .main in this block there is another button that, when clicked, create child blocks .div.

How to count elements with class="div" in each block class="main", for example, by their numbering.
For example the blocks are created dynamically and would like them to assign a sequence number. I understand that you need to act on the indication of the object this, but I can't figure this out :(

At the moment, it counts the number of all elements:
$('.main .div').length;

Thank you for your attention and help!
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2 Answers

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$('.main').each(function(){ alert($(this).find('.div').length); })
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var elems = document.querySelectorAll('.main'); [], function(elem) { console.log( elem.children.length ); });

Or so
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