Mobile app. React Native or Vue?

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The question is addressed to those who develop mobile applications on React Native or Vue.

Would like to decide on the technology, but as I can not decide what to choose.
Advise, pliz share your opinion that it is preferable to use and why?

Thanks in advance.
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Native mobile applications:
- ReactNative under React
- NativeScript under Vue

Hybrid apps:
- React - don't know
- Vue - Quasar Framework, OnsenUI, Framework7 and a great many

- ReactNative vs NativeScript - technology almost identical (NativeScript even have the benefit of some - I don't remember).

- ReactNative - freelance orders have flashed often
- NativeScript - almost no orders
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> who developed the mobile app on React Native or Vue.
well, since "OR", I would say that with RN to work comfortably. Not what it was 2 years ago. Projects in xcode start sensibly (at least with the create-react-native app + eject).
Servatory happen, but anyway, now something in the style of the cups and plates you can easily sketch for the mobile platform, and considering that there is experience of developing with react, RN for me the choice is obvious.

With vue I can not compare.
p.s. experience in mobile development isn't the big android nothing serious wrote. In the current work, a desktop app on electron + mobile. Use react-native-web code is written just below the 2 platforms, but there are files that are addressed to specific platforms (desktop or mobile)
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as said above - vue all crude, and for production early. so the choice is obvious - reakt
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It does not matter, as alternatives React Native at Vue no. Weex and Native Script does not count for raw, and everything else generally just shell tipo Cordova.
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Dart Flutter
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react native is very buggy and about the vue and what not to say

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