How to remove traces of the software on iOS?

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There is some program. It is a trial for a certain period. Obviously, she leaves behind some data that show that the deadline has expired and more to work.
The question is how and what to clean these same data to be able to use it again?
After the reset the entire system to factory firmware the program you can re-install and use the trial period.
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there is no evidence that the program leaves behind. There is a new mechanism DeviceCheck from Apple, which allows application developers to obtain information from the system, whether previously installed app on this device. Can read, if interested:

PS: Particularly surprising different tips to clean something, moreover, that to clean something, but no I can clear the iOS in addition to private data of this app, it's been almost 10 years since all applications run only in its own sandbox (the sandbox) and do not have access not to the disk not the system (except for the official API)
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in the same way as the wind clean out some phone clean

especially juicy when activation through the Internet ))

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