Add PC users from groups in a separate group?

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In the domain there is a group of users.
Now it is necessary on all PCs these users to upgrade.
Work option was the implementation of PS crypt on PC these users via a GPO (see PC configuration).

Question - how to add all the PC (there are many) users from a group to another group ? and in addition how to automate this process (add user to group, PC where he logged a gun was in the correct group) ?
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That's hiding accounts:
@echo net user USER PASSWORD /add @echo net localgroup Administrators test /add @echo net localgroup User test /del @echo Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00>>"%temp%\\hideuser.reg" @echo [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Windows NT\\CurrentVersion\\Winlogon\\SpecialAccounts\\UserList]>>"%temp%\\hideuser.reg" @echo "test"=dword:00000000>>"%temp%\\hideuser.reg" regedit /s "%temp%\\hideuser.reg"

With groups we have a job, understand? (too lazy to rewrite the batch file)
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