What should be the server load to think about the power increase?

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The customer bought a server, he hosts bots there. He hosted 3 bot quite loaded, was asked to move 4 bot from another server to this same place these 3 are hosted. Once moved, immediately see what the load % was 62% and was 20% usually.
Operative from the 1940 190 MB.
bots already start during the reply. Actually, the question is, what should be the response to understand that it is time to increase servers?
The second question, it is better for each bot your server?
Third question: what bot is better to buy, the better the%, the stronger the operational, or something else?
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Enter the command uptime, we get a line like
23:05 up 14 days, 6:08, 7 users, load averages: 0.65 0.42 0.36.

The last 3 - load % per minute, 5 and 15, multiplied by the number of cores.
Accordingly, if there is (0.7*number of cores), necessary to begin to run, and if more than (1*number of cores) to run quickly. Load more than 1 core mean processor resources, the deficit and all.

Memory all just entered free and penetrate, but if the swap is connected, look its use.
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