Is there a program for Windows to track the number of copies?

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For redundancy, you need to keep track of what each file is at least m copies, but less than n copies.
There are several disc + services mounted as a drive / folder. It is necessary to be able to see the files that have too many / little copies. Mainly for video.
Nobody faced with such software?
The idea is that it's not hard to write at the same python GUI but harder to do, and with a GUI, it's much easier.
Or, alternatively, decide whether someone such a task otherwise?
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Hmm, interesting task.
Among the backup programs have not seen such.
The use of Exiland Backup
she is that shows the number of copies of the entire job, not a specific file. Although, if you know that among the source folders that you bakapit, exactly is this file, the number of copies that you need.


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