Why is MFP not working on 4хжильному cable?

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Reportany glitch was now.
Kiocera M3540dn MFP included in the network for 4-wire LAN cable. Not the ping does not work (the laptop is on the same cable works fine).
This cable is included in the switch, from the switch cable to MFP - it works fine.
What is this phenomenon?
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Possible causes:
1) the Problem is in the printer settings.
View the TCP settings, DHCP.
Str. 2-13. Reset if something from this set, or specify the settings for the network which connect.
2) the Cable is more than 5 meters, is compressed independently. On the contacts crimped correctly, but the veins are not in their pairs, resulting in large attenuation in the case of a long cable.

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