All browsers except explorer will not display the css, why?

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Hey all, recently started learning html and css and are faced with the problem, browsers don't display css.
All the sites I looked via explorer and it all displays as it should, but that's Google, Mozila, Opera displays only what is written in html, the background color, font color, font type, they do not show.
But if I'm going to give it all in html the font, font color, background color. Only then can they display, but if I'm going to write in css, only explorer displays correctly.
What could be the problem?
Here is the html
HtmlCssHeading 1Heading 2— Eh bien, mon prince. Gênes et Lucques ne sont plus que des apanages, des estates, de la famille Buonaparte. Non, je vous préviens que si vous ne me dites pas que nous avons la guerre, si vous vous permettez encore de pallier toutes les infamies, toutes les atrocités de cet Antichrist (ma parole, j'y crois) — je ne vous connais plus, vous n 'êtes plus mon ami, vous n' êtes plus my faithful servant, comme vous dites 1. Well, Hello, Hello. Je vois que je vous fais peur 2

Here is the css
body {background: #58D3F7 url("Fon.jpg") no-repeat fixed center center;} h1 {color: red;font: bold italic 60px times new roman, serif;} h2 {color: red;font: normal small-caps 40px Times New Roman, serif;}

I apologize in advance for grammar, 3am, he had no and still suffer with this problem.
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2 Answers

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1. Localhost at all or on the server?
2. Host on win or nix?
3. The files are in the root of the site?
The file names are all small letters make in the code everywhere, too, make all names lower case.

In the console Google, which writes (F12).
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