Why am I not writing Missing required parameters for [Route: schedule.update] [URI: schedule/{schedule}]?

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I'm trying to create the edit page via a modal window, but shows me this error, I just have same id to pass it as I understand it, but why he does not give
Missing required parameters for [Route: schedule.update] [URI: schedule/{schedule}]
my implementation in Wusta treated so

That is, when clicked, should display a modal window with this address. The address is normally displayed localhost:8000/schedule/30/edit.
In the controller
public function edit($id) { $user = Auth::user()->id; $branch = Branch::where('user_id', $user)->get(); $direction = direction::where('user_id', Auth::user()->id)->get(); $schedule = Schedule::find($id); return view('schedule.update', compact('branch', 'direction', 'schedule')); }

In the router
Route::resource('schedule', 'SheduleController')->middleware('auth');

And all, in theory it should shown fine with the parameters, but says that is not why I did not understand
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It's in the form as I understand it in a modal window, there is a value

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