What MacBook should replace the MacBook Air '13 Mid 2014?

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I want to change my Macbook Air 13 inch that bought in September 2014 to-date. Air I have a minimum configuration of 128 GB, but I'm with him for 3.5 years, no problems, everything is stored in the cloud and on an external hard drive. I'm starting to do web design, hence is I want a laptop more powerful and with a quality screen (as in the last time more you read from your laptop screen, look at websites, etc.). Some discomfort in working with photoshop on the air is not noticed, only felt 4 GB of RAM not enough, have to close. Now there is money in the minimum configuration MacBook Pro 13 2017 128 GB, tell me, should I buy 256 GB and what is the difference (very much read, but did not understand)? I know that Pro 15 is more powerful, but I want a laptop for the first time with a subsequent update in about 15 if I do all out with the design, now more you want it the retina display. If air was retina display and more RAM, I have hardly changed it.
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I have two "Proshka" with a 13", both operatives for the 8GB and ssd for 128. One working, the other home. Enough. And Yes, one of them with the retina. Take retinitis screen, 8 GB of RAM is quite enough (I can judge this because I still have a iMac with 16GB on Board).
At Ayr could be better and will not - it's a dead line in epplovskoy products, because if the Air supply to the retina, you get what marketers call "product cannibalism" - the thicker air will begin to compete with other laptops of the company.
And seriously to do the design (including VEB) that take external 21" hdmi monitor, keyboard and a trackpad.
Software - I sent the furnace to the Adobe products. My software for VEB now it is: Affinity Designer, Sketch, Figma, Pixelmator.
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In my opinion, retina is not suitable for design because will either have layouts to do with @2x and closely to all divided into two (hemorrhoids), or two times less (eye break). And this figure does not quality screen and resolution. And quality is the IPS matrix (the air really screen g but not because of the lack of retina).

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