The pros and cons of the two mappings for the php7 — nginx/apache/mod_php vs nginx/php-fpm?

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Hello! Haven't sculpted in php. Pros, tell me, what are the advantages and disadvantages of backend servers for php7, apache/php_fpm vs mod_php. Nginx in both cases will be as a front-end server, the question is, what should stand behind him.
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The main disadvantage of php-fpm that will not work htaccess if you have enough knowledge to alter the htaccess rewrite under nginx php-fpm, if laziness is Apache
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Why is mod_php faster than php-fpm?
The results:

Apache + mod_php: 10885 req/s, 9 ms per req.
Apache + php-fpm: 5694 req/s 17 ms per req.
Nginx + php-fpm: 8193 req/s, 12 ms per req.

According to many benchmarks performed by others, Nginx + PHP-FPM should be much faster than Apache + mod_php, but I am seeing the opposite. What am I doing wrong?

Overall, the difference is small. But as they say, your mileage may vary.
Perhaps, despite the results should still use Nginx + php-fpm.
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Apache supports .htaccess. Apache is just as likely to work with PHP-FPM

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