How to setup L2TP/IPsec over PPPoE on Mikrotik?

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Good day.

There is a DOMRA provider which provides Internet, VPN with L2TP/ipsec and Mikrotik rb952ui-5ac2nd with RouterOS 6.42.1

I tried to configure similar PPTP over PPPoE, the Internet is defined as Germany is Frankfurt, but the VPN does not work, everything was locked and left. What can I do so?

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2 Answers

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You have a default route through the domra is registered, and the VPN only for the traffic. Or add ip - firewall - mangle marking of traffic from the local network or a static route to the VPN server through the domra and default through a VPN
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Is the mangle to mark routing on Src. Address: and marking them route VPN as the screen, and also tried a static route through the VPN, all also, although the hike again, something is not doglyadeli.


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