How to draw a table with 10,000 + rows?

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At the moment I have implemented approximately in a loop like this:
$table.append(''+ array[count] + '');
When the user selects other values, is loaded from the database the new values in a loop creates a table with filled cells. This significantly slows down. Used a quick jquery DataTables. But then refused it. It is possible to accelerate the creation of the table?
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it is not necessary to draw a table with 10000 rows, no one works with all never. This all makes no sense. (at least one real case will know when you need to immediately and simultaneously to load and work with so many lines?)
If a lot of data is upload at the best personal Finance, output, page by page, the filters to select a small set of data, etc.

In large frameworks, this is solved by rendering only what is seen on the screen 10-20 rows.
The rest is actually not hidden behind the scrolls, but generally not displayed on the page.
And scrolling is entirely virtual.
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It is obvious that the user will not be able to simultaneously take 10,000 rows of data. That is, the task itself is stupid, to solve it do NOT. Do paging, 30-50-100 lines will be displayed with reasonable speed.

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