Where to read about the results of the applied best practices intractable diseases?

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In the news talk about what somewhere tried a new method of treatment or going to try, but interesting information about rezultatah.
In particular, interesting results on the news:
1. November 18, 2017, the Company Moderna Therapeutics. "A vaccine against cancer was introduced first patient" is an excerpt from the news "In the first phase, subjects will be 90.... The results will be known in 2018." What are the results ?
2. 2016-02-17 Biologist Ekaterina Proshkina: "We found a way to extend the life twice"
3. 17 November 2017 In the US for the first time edited genes straight into the human body.
Brian Mado with mucopolysaccharidosis type II (hunter syndrome) Cured a man's ?
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Find a topic from the magazine
Looking for research paper

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