How to version control the two projects with a total basis?

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I have a project which sells paper books.
All is good, but creating a project which will sell audio books.
The very basis of the projects alone, but there are some functions and features that need to be implemented at either the project paper books or audio books project.

At the moment, I have in fact 2 projects with one base. Push everything into one project considered inappropriate.

And here I need your help. How to properly implement control for the two designs.chami what would be possible if possible to improve, for example, the project paper book, not affecting the project audio books?

There are also global changes or fixes that will affect both projects at once.
So I can't just pick up and split into two directories 2 of the project, as will improvements which affect two projects at the same time.

Hope I described clearly.
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1 Answer

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It's simple. Done 3 separate repository:
1) Core
2) Paper books
3) Audio book

Paper books and Audio books just use the kernel that you update, and thus changes occur at two sites

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